Reserve Osmosis Operators


To ensure that all water treatment plant operation, maintenance and monitoring activities with in the farm are
carried out as per SOP and maintain all the equipment in good order.


  1. To maintain adequate & consistent quality of treated water for animal consumption.
  2. To ensure that well pumps are operated and inspected at fixed intervals based on water demand in the farm and as agreed with the Farm Manager and / or Water Treatment Engineer.
  3. To carry out the daily record of water treatment plants operating log and follow the preventive maintenance program for all equipment.
  4.  To report all malfunctions immediately.
  5. To ensure minimal variations in pH and TDS of the Cow’s drinking water.
  6. Efficient and trouble free operation of WTP (Water Treatment Plant)


  1. Responsible for operation of the well pump to ensure adequate supply of the raw water in the farm.
  2. To ensure adequate chemical levels in the dosing tanks of WTP/Boiler/Condenser Tower.
  3. To ensure that levels of water storage tanks are maintained to take care of any emergency/ breakdowns.
  4. Backwash of Media filters, CIP of R.O. membrane element and CIP of UV chamber as per guidelines in
  5. To inform the parlour maintenance staff the blow down requirement for Boilers if TDS is above limit.
  6. To calibrate the portable pH and TDS meter weekly using SOP/manual.
  7. To inform and assist Water Treatment Manager for the calibration of the panel mounted TDS meter of the Condenser Tower automatic blow down system, if TDS reading has any variance.


  • Candidates with the minimum qualification of
    higher secondary school along with a technical
    trade certification in either plumbing, mechanical
    fitter, or electrical.
  • Basic computer literate (MS word, Excel)


  • 3 years experience in O & M (operational and
    maintenance) of WTP (water treatment plant)
    especially in desalination plant and water softener
Job Category: RO Operators
Job Type: Full Time
Job Country: Saudi Arabia
Job Salary: 1500000

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