Forklift operators


Responsible for the checking and subsequent loading of fresh finished goods at CPP and Hail OBL sites where  attention to detail is fundamental to the success of the task. This operation is highly time sensitive where failure to comply with quality protocols could prove detrimental to Almarai.


  1. Ensure that all goods are physically verified against the corresponding order and then subsequently loaded on the reefer in line with any performance targets associated with the task.
  2. Operate equipment in line with manufacturer’s guidelines and to the standards of training administered.
  3. Carry out pre-operational safety checks before using equipment and report any defects found immediately.
  4. Execute every pallet movement as per training received in order to minimise the risk for any potential loss.


  1. Achievement of individual targets Right product by production date is loaded on to every reefer
  2. Zero disruption to the business process.
  3. Zero reportable accident, incidents or near misses whilst operating the equipment.
  4. No faulty or dangerous equipment is operated.
  5. Fleet is maintained to the applicable standard based on usage life.
  6. Zero loss in finished goods inventory.
  7. Zero damage to property.


  • Operation of loading bays to ensure correct alignment of plate to back of reefer.
  • Visual inspection of inside of reefer to check for correct hygiene conditions.
  • Retrieval of pallets from bulk storage areas.
  • Collection of pallets from marshalling areas.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with Almarai Quality standards and maintain GMP / GHP at all times and ensure incorrect product dispatches and no NCN’s received against the department.
  • Ensure to Achieve of >95% in GMP/GHP audit.
  • Checking that finished goods match the details contained in the respective order – right product, right quantity, right production date in a saleable condition.
  • Removal of sample product pieces for future identification at sales depots or at border crossing.
  • Placing pallets on to the reefer in the correct loading formation making sure the weight is evenly distributed.
  • Shrink wrapping the last three pallets to ensure they do not move in transit.
  • Placing the load bars into the correct locations and ensuring they are locked into place.
  • Carry out pre-operational checks on forklift before use and report any defects found immediately for repair.
  • Change the battery of the forklift when indicated on the control panel.
  • Follow the safe system of work for changing a battery ensuring the correct personal protective equipment is correctly worn whilst executing the change.
  • Assist in the counting of inventory during stock checks ensuring close attention to detail.
  • Assist in the picking of customer orders when requested to by your immediate supervisor.
  • Keep your workspace clean and tidy at all times.
  • Report any defects found immediately to your supervisor.


  1. Specifically responsible for loading fresh finished goods on to temperature controlled vehicles for distribution to Almarai Sales Depots or Export customers direct.
  2. Senior Forklift drivers operate in CPP1 / CPP1A / CPP2 / Hail sites loading fresh finished goods to a pre-determined schedule.
  3. Loading between 9 – 11 full reefer loads per day – average 528 pallets.
  4. Working within a designated shift as part of a team each load must be completed on time / in full.
  5. Average load value between SAR 75k – SAR 100k
  6. No direct Subordinates.


  1. Rotational Shift working 12 hours per day (9hrs standard and max 3hrs overtime) 6 days per week.
  2. Temperature controlled stores between -18 degrees to +22 degrees. Some external work may be required at times. Personal protective equipment and appropriate clothing supplied. Some roles require an element of manual handling at times.
  3. Locations – Al Kharj and Hail. Both are purpose built sites and work at a fast pace 24 hours per day, six/seven days per week.
  4. Time sensitive environment where performance criteria measurements are in place and monitored daily.
  5. Seasonal supply peaks (Ramadan & Hajj) will require seven day working in some locations.
  6.  Failure to support the internal customers will lead to delivery delays, potential lost sales and possible fines or restrictions imposed on Almarai through date code violation.
  7. Strict attention to detail is required to ensure zero despatch errors. The Senior Forklift Driver is the last line of defence before products are sent to depots.


High school diploma or equivalent


  • Fully qualified Forklift Truck driver
  • Must be able to read and write English language and numeral
  • Good eyesight with or without prescription lenses
  • Physically fit.
  • Able to work in cold environment
  • Fluency in English for reading, writing and speaking
  • Able to read and write log book.


  1. Minimum of one to two years working within an FMCG environment in temperature controlled conditions.
  2. Food industry background
  3. Three years of working experience


  1. Must be able to concentrate for long periods of time in temperature sensitive environments.
  2. Good attention to detail
  3. Cooperative – working within a team culture
  4. Must be physically fit
  5. Capable of being trained and following instructions.
  6. Ability and willingness to progress career.



Job Category: Forklift operators
Job Type: Full Time
Job Country: Saudi Arabia
Job Salary: 1400000

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