Dairy Process Operator

Almarai Company  Job Description


Job Title:

Dairy Process Operator

Job Grade.


Job Code:



AKP Processing/Filling and EOL



Line Manager’s Designation:

Dairy Technologist /Team Leader/ Team Manager/Senior Team Manager

Functional Manager’s Designation:

Senior Production Manager

Immediate subordinates: 
Date of effect:


Core Purpose of Job:

Responsible for reworking, processing and filling to meet internal customer requirements efficiently thereby achieving milk and juice production volume in accordance to Almarai safety standards, Almarai quality standards, product specifications and SOP.

Areas of Responsibility (AOR)
Success Indicators
1.     Ensure all Health & Safety and Quality requirements are met in accordance with company policy

2.     Support in General duties such as – area and machine cleaning, scaling, mixing, packing, stacking, moving materials and equipment.

3.     Execute and monitor all process related tasks, predominately, in a timely, efficient, and effective manner to meet Product Specifications reporting all process deviations and nonconformance immediately.

4.     Ensure proper and efficient machine operations are carried out in accordance with set standard operating procedures

5.     Ensure documents / sheets are properly and accurately filled out whilst performing machine operation

6.     Ensure pre-operational checks and maintenance are properly coordinated and performed prior to machine operation

7.     Support/lead in Autonomous Maintenance

8.     Be a part of overall continuous improvement of the department.

9.     Ensure liaising with related processing or production workers is coordinated for a smooth conduct of responsibilities

10.  Ensure preparation of materials and ingredients based on production plan is promptly and properly assisted

11.  Ensure prompt assistance in the batching and mixing of materials and ingredients based on product recipe

12.  Ensure processing and production systems and methodologies are continuously implemented

13.  Minimize process related costs, predominately cheese and ingredients by monitoring and suggesting improvements.

14.  Conduct COP, CIP and sterilisation on all main process equipment, lines and tanks in an efficient and effective manner.

1.     Adhere to best safety practices during machine operation and cleaning procedures. Support in implementation of 5S

2.     Compliance with proper hygiene and GMP standards during machine operation

3.     Compliance on standard operating procedures for proper and efficient machine operation

4.     Accurate and timely completion of documents / sheets and report submission.

5.     Maintain machine condition and sound operation through effective autonomous maintenance.

6.     Complete and correct materials used for processing and production

7.     Minimum machine breakdown and raw material & product wastage

8.     Taking ownership of the assigned equipments to improve safe working conditions, food safety and machine performance.

9.     Training and developing successors

10.  Understanding and adherence of applicable policies, safe system of work and business strategies.

11.  Managing shift activities such that all losses and wastage to be below budget as reported in SAP for his filling line. Best utilisation of line to meet production and dispatch schedules.

12.  No customer/Consumer complaints due to failure to meet filling and dispatch schedule within UHT control.

13.  Execute the daily Production Plan with minimum supervision from superiors

14.  No Major internal NCNs or Audit nonconfirmance in respective area of control.





1.     Execute the daily Production Plan, CIPs, COPs, and General Cleaning activities with minimal supervision from Superiors.

2.     Ensure effective cleaning of area, and maintain highest GMP, 5S and AIBI standards.

3.     Monitor and record the required data to allow for tracing back of information in case of cropping up of issue.

4.     Discuss and finalize plans/targets with Superiors.

5.     Identify problems in the process equipments before they affect production deadlines and thus improve flexibility in production.

6.     Follow defined and laid down safety systems and safe practices of work continually upgrading safety awareness and practices within the team.

7.     Ensure GMP, including hygiene and housekeeping is maintained and improved within the area and all operations are conducted within the specified quality standards and parameters.

8.     Develop an understanding and knowledge on Automatic Operating System, process equipment and all relevant task required to be carried out effective process operation.

9.     Report any process deviation to Superiors ensuring remedial and corrective action of any process deviation / suspect hold notes is in place immediately, such that the deviation does not happen again.

10.  Report non–conformance in Processing to the Superior and identify and isolate the affected product so necessary control measures can be taken

11.  Coordinate with Superiors to conduct routine planned maintenance and cleaning activities.

12.  Ensure that all operational inspection and maintenance is carried out as specified and recorded in the log sheets.

13.  Lead autonomous maintenance and 5S of the area/Equipment assigned.

14.  Liaise with Dry store to ensure all raw materials are delivered in a timely and efficient manner for his production.

15.  Collate information and provide reports on results and suggest improvements.

16.  Ensuring all procedures for CIP’s are implemented at correct time intervals.

17.  Ensure that all duties are carried out in accordance with standard operating procedures specified in the Quality System. Review and update of Standard Operating Procedures based on Quality audits and new developments where it necessary.

18.  Provide on–the–job training for the team members and train other prospective core colleagues assigned by the management for training on these fillers through regular training cycle.

19.  Obtain detailed knowledge of all relevant Product and Process Specifications.

20.  Liaise with opposite shift LPO / DT to ensure detailed handover.

21.  Attend team briefings suggesting improvements to team performance and workable solutions to team problems.

22.  Assume another job role (superior or peer), when required by the business.

 Almarai Company        Job Description


Job Dimensions

  1. Processing operations
  2. Filling Operations
  3. EOL Operations
  4. Support other functions/departments in the facility as and when required.
  5. Dairy and Juice facility with the capability of 170 million litters annual output 
Job Context (Circumstances characterizing the job: Working hours, location, stress, physical conditions, resources available):

Working Hours: 8-12 hrs in day or night (3 hours overtime / 6 days per week). Compensatory off/ over time for working in off days, as and when required by business.

Location: AKP

Physical conditions: stress working with machines and deadlines

Resources available: by company 

Key Relationships (Internal – Superior, Peer.  External to the Organization):


1.     Superior – Dairy Technologist, Team Leader, Team Manager, Senior Team Manager, Production Manager, Senior Production Manager, Designated Line leader

2.     Peers – ASMOs, Other AMOs, LPOs, Dairy Process Operator, Maintenance Technician Laboratory Technician, SMOs, BMOs, Material Handler, Technical helper



 Essential –

·         High School Graduate

·         Clear written and spoken English

 Desirable –

·         Dairy or Food related Courses

·         GMP, AIBI, 5S and HACCP Awareness. 


 Essential responsibilities executed

·         2 years’ experience in similar position within a dairy or food environment.

·         Experience in production of milk, juice and beverages.

·         Experience in working with a multicultural team.

·         Experience in automated process control systems

Desirable responsibilities

·         Proper documentation of processes, maintaining cohesiveness among operators

·         Contribute towards reducing production losses

·         Knowledge on implementation of H&S and Quality standards

·         Application of HACCP and GMP protocols effectively

·         Implementation of 5S and AIBI standards

Competencies (Technical, Operational, Managerial, Human & Cultural Requirements):

 Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

·         Knowledge and familiarity in processing and production of Dairy or Juice products.

·         Knowledge of operating any of various dairy or Juice process equipment.

·         Communication skills.

·         Machine parameters reading comprehension

·         Machine defects understanding

·         Machine cleaning and maintenance

·         All related safe working procedures

·         Visual and operation inspection procedure

·         Machine pre-operational check procedure

·         Health and safety awareness

·         GMP, AIBI, 5S and HACCP awareness

·         Good English Communication

·         Cooperative with Superiors, peers, and subordinates

·         Teamwork – Able to work in co-ordination with multicultural and multifunctional workforce.

·         Work under pressure / stressful environment

·         Able to train people for required jobs and development of new skills in other trainees assigned

·         Ability to take self-initiatives






Job Category: Dairy Process Operator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Country: Abu Dhabi
Job Salary: 2197000

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