Basic Machine Operator

Almarai Company        Job Description


Job Title:

Basic Machine Operator

Job Grade.


Job Code:



AKP Processing/Filling and EOL



Dairy Technologist /Team Leader/ Team Manager/Senior Team Manager Senior Production Manager
Immediate subordinates: 
Date of effect:



Core Purpose of Job:

 To carry out machine operation by adhering with safe practices (Health & Safety and Food Safety) and standard operating procedures.

Areas of Responsibility (AOR)
Success Indicators
1.     Ensure all Health & Safety and Quality requirements are met in accordance with company policy

2.     Support in General duties such as – area and machine cleaning, packing, stacking, moving materials and equipment.

3.     Ensure proper and efficient machine operations are carried out in accordance with set standard operating procedures

4.     Ensure documents / sheets are properly and accurately filled out whilst performing machine operation

5.     Ensure pre-operational checks are performed prior to machine operation

6.     Support/lead in Autonomous Maintenance

7.     Be a part of overall continuous improvement of the department.





1.     Adhere to best safety practices during machine operation and cleaning procedures. Support in implementation of 5S

2.     Compliance with proper hygiene and GMP standards during machine operation

3.     Compliance on standard operating procedures for proper and efficient machine operation

4.     Accurate and timely completion of documents / sheets

5.     Maintain machine condition and sound operation through effective autonomous maintenance.

6.     Taking ownership of the Area/Machine to improve safe working conditions, food safety and machine performance

7.     Understanding and adherence of applicable policies, safe system of work and business strategies.




1.     Carry out machine operation and cleaning as per standard operating procedures

2.     Advise supervisor for maintenance of defective machine as required.

3.     Wear the right PPE during machine operation and cleaning procedures

4.     Fill out documents / sheets during machine operation

5.     Carry out pre-operational check to respective machine for effective and efficient utilization

6.     Perform personal hygiene during machine operation

7.     Prepare required materials and consumables for production use

8.     Prepare packaging materials for production use.

9.     Prepare, adjust, and test machine parameters prior to start of operation

10.  Conduct CIP & COP with machine / production lines as per standard operating procedures

11.  Coordinate with production maintenance for any issues with the machine

12.  Operate machine for production based on quality assurance standards and product specifications

13.  Carry out autonomous maintenance of the machines

14.  Support other production activities.


Almarai Company        Job Description


Job Dimensions

  1. Processing operations
  2. Filling Operations
  3. EOL Operations
  4. Support other functions/departments in the facility as and when required.
  5. Dairy and Juice facility with the capability of 170 million litters annual output 
Job Context (Circumstances characterizing the job: Working hours, location, stress, physical conditions, resources available):

Working Hours: 8-12 hrs in day or night

Location: AKP

Physical conditions: stress working with machines and deadlines

Resources available: by company 

Key Relationships (Internal – Superior, Peer.  External to the Organization):


1.     Superior – Dairy Technologist, Team Leader, Team Manager, Senior Team Manager, Production Manager, Senior Production Manager.

2.     Peers – Machine operator, labor, cleaner 




Essential –

·         High School Graduate

·         Clear written and spoken English 

Desirable –

·         Related machine operation certificate 


Essential responsibilities executed

·         2 years’ experience as a machine operator in any automated Dairy, Cheese, Juice processing, Plastic and Effluent plants

·         Experience in similar position within a dairy or food environment.

·         Experienced with automated Process Control

·         Experience in working with a multicultural team.

Desirable responsibilities

·         Contribute towards reducing production losses

·         Knowledge on implementation of quality standards

Competencies (Technical, Operational, Managerial, Human & Cultural Requirements):

 Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

1.     Good understanding of sanitation and hygiene

2.     Must be physically fit.

3.     Good eyesight.

4.     Ability to speak, read and write English

5.     Good team player

6.     Positive mental attitude towards peers, superiors, and subordinates

7.     Able to cope up and work under pressure.

8.     Ability and acceptance to learn continuously 


Job Category: Basic Machine Operator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Country: Abu Dhabi
Job Salary: 1396000

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